Tuesday, August 30, 2011

September 2011, From Your Publisher...

Thank you to my entire staff for working so diligently to have our website up and running as an interactive website. Viewers can now go online and read Bluffs & Bayous cover to cover! Click on any website, whether in an ad or in the text of a story, and access the site or email address. Email the entire magazine or individual pages to family and friends all over the world. Download a PDF version of the magazine for sharing with others and reading offline. Print individual pages for filing, sharing, and distributing. AND……all of this is FREE!

Moreover, Adam Blackwell has been incorporating additional features on our Facebook page. The interactive magazine can be downloaded there as well. Become a fan of the Bluffs & Bayous’ Facebook page as well as link to our Twitter, Blogspot, Tumbler, and Shutterfly to get the latest updates, news, and photographs from our Social Scenes. We will soon host some special offers, so be sure to login and become a fan of our social media pages.

Our September magazine is packed with adventures in the outdoors, from kayaking, swimming, and hunting to amazing grilling-in-the-outdoors recipes from Donna’s Chillin’ & Grillin’ section. She has rounded up some of her friends’ wild-game and outdoor-cooking secrets to share with you this month. We also have another “girlfriend” story that evolved during July, and I wanted to share some of my college friends’ thirty-three year friendship—it’s all about sisterhood.

The next several months will be busy here at Bluffs & Bayous: We are preparing our Festival, Dining, Holiday, and Wedding issues; and if any of you have contributions to any of these theme-focused months, be sure to contact us now. We want to share our area’s festival and holiday events and our readers’ engagement and wedding stories, and now is the time to submit the fascinating details of those occasions of your lives. Please refer to our website for information regarding these featured submissions.

Enjoy your month of area high school, college, and NFL football games and tantalizing tailgating fare from our recipes herein. We appreciate all of the emails, Facebook postings, and telephone calls regarding our August Back to School issue. Your continuing, enthusiastic responses inspire us to work even harder to produce a magazine each month to top the one before—as we all accentuate the positives, the pluses, the superlatives of our life along and beyond the Mississippi.

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