Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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May 2011
From the Publisher...

May…..a month where in the calendar year we reach a point of closure and celebration. For some it is the closure and celebration of high school and college graduations; for others, a celebration to honor their mothers; and in my family, the celebration of an anniversary and a birthday.

This month of closure for schools and colleges and even our business calendars also initiates the beginning of vacation season; and throughout our communities, folks are yearning for the sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun, those breath-taking sunsets, and the softness of sand between their toes. Yes—Beaches! No matter where they are from the Texas coast to the Florida coast and around to the eastern seaboard we seek them out. Some of us travel to the Riviera side of Mexico for long weekends or even weeks and months to relax, refresh, and soak up some vitamin D.

I always look forward to our family beach vacations, my girlfriend jaunts to the beach, and beach getaways with my husband. Each of these holidays has its own delights; for beaches and their surrounding settings cater to a myriad of plans, expectations, hopes, and dreams. Girlfriend trips, for example, sooth the din of our hectic worlds with the medicine of laughter through days and nights of beach life come alive and sisterhood revitalized.

Another feature for this month is the quest for bargains that has given rise to a growing industry in our region—consignment shopping. From children’s clothing through high-fashion adult clothing as well as furniture, antiques, jewelry, and household accessories, the desire for “a steal, a bargain, a deal” has become second nature to a growing customer base. Some love to dig in unorganized bins while others enjoy neatly designed areas to shop for consignment items as they join the burgeoning numbers who are making this trendy modus operandi a weekend must-do. While we may enjoy outfitting the basics of our wardrobes and homes with new items, we relish the adventure of mastering consignment store shopping to supplement and stretch those basics with some “real deal” discoveries.

We hope you’ll enjoy Bluffs & Bayous May edition of Travel and Lifestyles. Next month, we focus our annual spotlight on wellness and healthy living, but we’ll continue a feature on consignment shopping tips as we continue to toast the joys and celebrate the times of our lives along and beyond the Mississippi.