Thursday, October 27, 2011

November...From Your Publisher

November 2011...The Dining Issue

This month, we bring to our readers interesting articles regarding our staple of life, food! In particular, we spotlight some of the fabulous restaurants in our Bluffs & Bayous region; and we also share a salute to long-time food editor Laurin Stamm of Vicksburg, Mississippi, who recently published a cookbook of favorite recipes from her 50 years as the only Food Editor for The Vicksburg Evening Post. Another salute this month goes to the recently held Natchez Food and Wine Festival in Natchez, Mississippi, during which “An Invitation to the Natchez Table” welcomed chefs from the Natchez and New Orleans areas who created scrumptious Southern fare for a packed crowd at The Carriage House restaurant on the grounds of antebellum Stanton Hall. Our Delta writer Jenni Guido continues this focus on food and restaurants as she features another of her favorite spots to dine, The Carlyle House, further north in Ruleville, Mississippi. Along with our coverage of these features, come a number of recipes to try in your own kitchen at holiday time or at anytime that company comes calling.

Having celebrated through October’s month-long run of festivals, ending with the sundry hauntings of Halloween, we turn our thoughts to appreciating the gifts and privileges of living in our blessed country and, in particular, to enjoying the richness of our part of the South. We continue to count our blessings each day as we enjoy the people and their talents who make our area such a versatile, hospitable, nurturing place to live and who provide us challenges to preserve the excellence we have and to improve the shortcomings we find.

As we move closer to Thanksgiving and near the season of multiple religious holidays, be sure to keep our “November . . . Up & Coming!” events listings close so you can take part in our communities’ many celebrations of the season, musical arts performances, theatre performances, and historical lectures and symposiums. Also, remember Bluffs & Bayous is now an interactive book online...just a click away to keep you abreast of all that is going on... and makes a great read during any of your travels. Download us, or email us to your friends and family throughout the country and even overseas. We are global!!

Enjoy this issue as much as we continue to enjoy sharing life along and beyond the Mississippi with all of you!